10 Reasons why you should start using SMS Marketing today

10 Reasons why you should start using SMS Marketing today

SMS has been around for a pretty long period. Here’s 10 reasons why should you start building SMS Marketing Campaigns right now:


1) Deliverability

The average person receives more than 1000 emails/ month compared to a little more than 100 text messages. It is a lot easier than having to compete with full inboxes, anti-spam software etc.

Since fewer text are being received, there is a higher chance of seeing this messages. Also since around 50% of emails end up marked as spam, there is a higher chance your sms messages will be delivered to your audience.


2) Open rate 

SMS has an open rate of 98% vs less than 20% for email. Just think of how many SMS you get and don’t read and compare that to your emails ? Do you know any other channel with a 98% success rate?

A SMS campaign is great if you need to make sure your message is getting viewed. This makes it very effective especially for sending notifications, reminders, confirmations & alerts to your users or clients.


3) Less spam

We all have that problem with spammy emails (almoust 90% of the grand total). Compare that with only 1% spam in text messages.


4) Short Learning curve
You won’t have generational problems since most people of all ages know how to read and use SMS services, a lot more than for example smartphone users who actively use a certain social media channel.

5) Eco friendly
If you are an environmentalist looking for the most eco friendly solution, a SMS campaign is the right fit for you. It has the lowest carbon footprint from all marketing solutions available. 

6) 100% compatibility
All mobile phones are compatible with SMS, so you won’t face any compatibility problems of older devices not being able to run it properly, like for example in the case of some social media apps

7) Cost and time effective
The SMS can be delivered anywhere in a matter of seconds. You can connect instantly with your audience without needing to invest in time consuming and expensive designs.

8) Sense of urgency
A SMS gives your clients a sense of urgency when compared with communication on other channels. They will hurry up to check their messages, the same way they will check their phone if it rangs.

9) Return on investment (ROI)
The return on investment for SMS marketing will vary depending by campaign.
The average ROI for a SMS marketing campaign is about 350%, while you can expect to get as high as 600%. You can expect to produce five-six times the investment, especially when running a coupon campaign related to a sale, deal or offer.

10) Easy to track
You have different tracking options available, so you can monitor if your SMS marketing strategies are running properly.


SMS marketing is a powerful tool to reach customers where they are. It provides and excellent direct communication for those who have been previously engaged with your brand, which means a higher chance to convert.

If you want more info or have a few questions of how you can start using SMS for your business, don’t hesitate to reach us. The Global Voice team will be more than happy to help.

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