10 SMS Marketing Ideas that will generate sales for your business

10 SMS Marketing Ideas that will generate sales for your business

Every now and then, entrepreneurs forget about using SMS messages for sales, which are a great tool for small-medium sized company, but also to big players.

Our SMS team has prepared some ideas of how you can integrate SMS into your business strategy.


1) Discount coupons / Gifts

Creating coupons for websites who offer their clients promotional codes can be quite a pain at times.

Why should your customer subscribe to an email newsletter to get a discount when you can simply offer it via SMS? This is an excellent method to update your customer database for future campaigns.

Also, if you want to send some kind of gifts and you don't want or can't send in in private, you may prepare a surprise via SMS ( ex your client's birthday).


2) SMS Sales Campaigns

All research show that more 90% of people read their SMS in the first 3 to 5 minutes. This also makes it highly effective tool for increasing sales.


3) Order via SMS

SMS is a great way to simpfily the customer service processes. Clients can simply indicate the product code in SMS rather than fill out long forms on the company website.


4) New products

SMS is a great tool when you are launching a new product line and want people to find out about it and be engaged as soon as possible.


5) Verification

The two factor authentification / verification is becoming an increasingly popular security solution. Most companies use either SMS. voice or missed calls for the phone number verification. This is very effective for those who want a database with verified and 100% real numbers.


6) Polls

SMS can be used as a tool to do a quick market research. This kind of surveys do no require aditional resources for registering and analyzing responses.


7) Recruiting & HE

Most recruitment agencies are satisfied by the results when using SMS notifications.

This offers way better results compared with sudden phone calls candidates receive from unknown numbers and which they usually don't answer.


8) Tracking products

Most of the online retailers & couriers use text samples sent via SMS to follow the order delivery process. 

This way, they keep their clients informed while reducing costs of lost / wrong delivery for products.


9) Check-in

Customers can use SMS to register or book a room, receive their room pasword (which can replace keypad or lock). The hotel can inform them about hotel amenities, remind them about the check out time or asking them to leave a review.

Airline companies can also use SMS to send tourists info about their flight (ex. departure, flight time, delay or cancellation via SMS)


10) Reminders

People not showing up for appointments is a big problem for many organisations. SMS reminders are a great tool to keep them responsible, and your team safe from time breaches.

Therefore, SMS Marketing in an excellent tool to save money, while having constant feedback from customers.


BONUS: Important information - 

Nowadays, modern communication also comes bundled with plenty of spam. However SMS has retained its reputation of a reliable solution.



If you want more info or have a few questions of how you can start using SMS for your business, don’t hesitate to reach us. The Global Voice team will be more than happy to help.


SMS marketing is a simple and effective tool, which can be integrated easily in your business strategy with amazin results. Why not start your own SMS marketing adventure today?


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