10 SMS Marketing Statistics for 2021

10 SMS Marketing Statistics for 2021

First let's take a look at 10 Fascinating SMS stats for 2021:


1) 48% of the world's population owns a smartphone in 2021. 

Nearly half of global citizen have a smartphone in their pocket right now. That's 1.3 billion more than in 2016 have acquired at least a smartphone


2) 5 billion people worldwide can send and receive SMS messages.

This number is expected to grow to 6 billion by 2025.


3) 48.7 million people chose to receive business SMSes in 2020

That's more than a 10 million increase over the 37.2 million in 2016


4) 90% of adults own a cellphone or smartphone

A more in depth analysis show that 74% of seniors own a cellphone, while 88% of people aged 50-64 have one. If you target people younger than 49, you are lucky since 97% of them own a cellphone / smartphone.


5) 80% of people would like the option to use their smartphones to interact with health care providers.

The large majority want to be reminded of their medical appointments, while many of them would also like to receive reminders to take their medication.


6) 75% of consumers feel comfortable to receive SMS messages from brands AS LONG AS THEY OPT-IN

This can include special offers, discounts or coupons sent to them.


7) 56% of people would rather interact via SMS with a business rather than call customer service

Most people prefer to be texted, rather than being called on the phone.


8) It takes usually 5 seconds for a SMS to be delivered and around 90 seconds to be opened.

Most businesses use SMS due to it's increased reliability - quick delivery and high open rate


9) 74% of cell phone and smartphone users have no unread text messages.

3 out 4 people read all of their text messages constantly.


10) The use of SMS Marketing Services in B2B has increased by 197%  in the past 2 years.

While not all business owners are on board with it, many acknowledge SMS marketing has many benefits, which justify a variation in their marketing approach.


In the next article, we'll compare SMS to other Marketing channels.