8 crucial SMS marketing statistics for 2021 that all entrepreneurs should know

8 crucial SMS marketing statistics for 2021 that all entrepreneurs should know

In today’s modern, fast-paced world, when people are always busy, it’s getting more difficult for brands to connect with them. But, the good news is that their mobile phones are rarely far away from them. This is why SMS marketing is a popular way to reach out to consumers.

Now, as an entrepreneur reading this, you’re likely wondering, “Is SMS marketing really still relevant?” or “Is an SMS marketing campaign a good idea for my business?”. We have eight SMS marketing statistics that will answer all these questions and give valuable insights into what this promotion tool can mean for your business.

Check out this list of SMS marketing stats and find out what each means for your business.

      1. Over 3.5 trillion SMS business messages will be sent in 2023

Yes, you’ve read that right! SMS marketing isn’t going anywhere any time soon. In contrast, Juniper Research’s study found out that over 3.5 trillion SMS marketing texts will be sent in 2023, which is significant growth from 2.5 trillion texts in 2019.

What does it mean? This means that your company should be among the businesses that will increase the number of texts sent for promotional purposes to customers and prospects.

      2. Mobile advertising expenditure will reach $395.96 billion in 2022

It seems that there’s no secret anymore that SMS marketing is an incredibly useful tool for promoting products/ services and reaching out to consumers. According to Statista, mobile advertising spend is expected to grow to $395.96 billion in 2022 and reach $495 billion by 2024. These figures suggest a massive increase in investment in mobile advertising, considering that the global mobile advertising spending amounted $276,21 billion in 2020.

What does it mean? This is a clear sign that your company should also get more serious about investing in SMS marketing in the years to come.

      3. 66% of US consumers check their phones 160 times daily

A new study called “America’s Love Affair with Their Phones” found that 66% of American consumers check their phones on average 160 times every day. What’s more, the same study also found that 65% of them also sleep with their phones at night.

What does it mean? This means that if you use SMS marketing to reach out to your customers and prospects, it’s nearly impossible for them not to see your text since they check their mobile phones so often

      4. The average open rate for text messages is 98%

Forbes says that “What’s old is new again,” referring to SMS marketing. The reason for that is that it was found that text messages have an average open rate of 98%. What’s more, the number is incredibly high when compared to email marketing campaigns that have an average open rate of only 20%.

What does it mean? This is an obvious sign that SMS marketing isn’t saturated yet and that consumers are still very receptive to the texts they get from brands. 

      5.75% of consumers want special offers sent through SMS

Digital Marketing Magazine found that 75% of American consumers agree to want to see special offers, discounts, and coupons delivered to them by brands via SMS texts. Since texts are mobile-friendly and instant, this ensures that consumers don’t miss out on advantageous deals.

 What does it mean? It’s clear that for consumers, it’s easier to stay up to date with what brands are offering to reward their loyalty and attract them into buying from them via texts.   

      6. 63% of US consumers prefer SMS over phone calls

A new study published by PRNewswire concluded that about 63% of US consumers prefer companies to contact them through SMS over phone calls. The respondents even reported that they would switch to a company that offers text messages as a communication channel. What’s more, over 50% of them also reported enjoying the idea of interacting with customer support via messages as a communication channel for customer services queries that can be handled this way, like payment confirmations, availability of products, and status of order and shipping.

What does it mean? Your business would keep consumers loyal by reaching out to them via text, keeping them updated on important business news that interests them.

      7. 77% of consumers have a positive view over companies that use SMS

A recent poll found that 77% of consumers between 18-34 who have texting capabilities reported that they are likely to have a favorable perception over companies that offer text capability. In other words, most Millennial consumers, who make up today’s largest base of consumers, consider messaging used as a communication channel by brands a desirable feature.

What does it mean? This means that your business is more likely to make a good impression, especially among youngsters and young adults, if it integrates SMS marketing in its promotion efforts. 

      8. Text messages have an average response rate of 45%

Gartner data shows that text messages also have an average response rate of 45%. This is a huge rate compared to email’s average rate of only 6%. Compared to emails, not only that text messages are easier to receive and read, but they are also easier to act on with users checking and using their phones several times a day.

What does it mean? This means that not only that consumers are more likely to see the text messages you send to them, but they are also more likely to connect with your brand by responding to your texts. 

Wrapping up

These stats make it clear that SMS marketing is a great marketing tool that allows a broader reach and better open and response rates than many other conventional marketing channels. What’s more, it’s also apparent that SMS marketing’s benefits are becoming more evident to many companies. Plus, although many people have access to email, they hardly open and read their emails as regularly and promptly as they do with SMS texts. So, SMS should play an essential role in your business’s mobile strategy.


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