HLR Lookup: Verify phone number databases in real time

HLR Lookup: Verify phone number databases in real time

HLR stands for Home Location Register and it's a solution which provides you with the opportunity to verify all the numbers in your database to make sure they are currently in use and that they are able to receive messages.


So why should you use  our HLR Lookup solution?


1) Easy to use API

The HLR Lookup API can be easily integrated in your business ecosystem.

 The learning curve in this case will be quite fast as it will be easy to understand and use


2 Time saving

Integrating HLR Lookup into your business strategy can be a great business decision.

You can clean your data by removing invalid or ineligible mobile phone records to save time.


3) Clean database

Easily exclude wrong numbers from databases and check which network the number belongs to.


4) 99% delivery

HLR Lookup helps you increase effectiveness of SMS marketing campaigns and consistently achieve 99% delivery rates.


5) Leads up to date

 Ensure all your new leads are verified and contactable.


6) Perfect timing

You can upload your sets of data and run lookup at your best time.

This solution is perfect you need clean date at a specific moment of time.


6) Cost Reduction

You can save cost by using a more cleaned accurate mobile number database.Using Lookup can drastically reduce messaging costs for high and low volume senders alike.

Also, segregation of numbers in a database according to their home GSM network can further reduce costs.



HLR Lookup can be a simple and effective tool, when paired up with SMS Marketing. 

If you want more info or have a few questions of how you can use HLR Lookup and SMS for your business, don’t hesitate to reach us. The Global Voice team will be more than happy to help.

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