How to start your first SMS Marketing Campaign

How to start your first SMS Marketing Campaign



What is a SMS Marketing Campaign ?

It’s a marketing tool that enables your business to interact with your customers via text. While it has many things in common with an email campaign, it is considered to be a lot more personal since most people usually use email for work, while using text messages when they communicate with their friends and family.

While it has some limitations (especially on the max. number of characters), it is considered to be a more effective and fast channel.

Building your first SMS Marketing campaign

Your first SMS Marketing campaign might be a little overwhelming at first but it shouldn’t be this way. Small and large business from all industries worldwide use SMS marketing as their secret weapon and receive amazing results for their campaigns.

If you haven’t started your first SMS marketing campaign, you are a little late to the party, but still it’s alway better to be latte than never show up.

A common misconception

You can’t simply start a SMS marketing campaign by using your mobile phone. You will need to work with a SMS marketing provider, such as Global Voice.

You will need to have a short and actionable copy and a list of your subscriber’s phone numbers.

Technical preparation

Before you launch your first SMS campaign, please make sure your customers allow you to send them SMS messages. GDPR requires this kind of opt-in permission, the same way as with email in order to be able to send promotional content.

Don’t forget to add an unsubscribe link to ensure your customers can do this if they don’t want to receive text anymore. Otherwise you might end up reported as a spammer and you thrust me, you don’t want that to happen.

Start building your customer database

Start collecting your client’s phone numbers by asking them to opt-in to your mobile marketing reward scheme. A very good time to do this is when they are the checkout of your offline store, website, online shop etc.

You can collect opt-ins in a few ways :

- Add an extra field in your signup forms for the phone number

- Ask for your customer’s phone number at the checkout on your website

- Convince them to text a keyword to a short code

The message

Let’s move to message itself - the most important thing here is to make sure you have a reason for sending your customers an SMS - not just for the sake of it. That’s a sure way to get to get them upset and make them unsubscribe.

Offer value

Make them feel that they are a valuable client, who is getting value for opting-in to your mobile marketing campaigns. Send them information about a new line of products they are already interested in buying, offer them exclusive offers and discounts on your sms campaigns and you have the guaranteed road to succes.

Test first

It would be a good idea to send your sms to yourself, friends and family first. This way you can make sure they understand your message, be sure your links work or can eliminate any unfortunate spelling mistakes which might make you look unprofessional.

Then, you can send it to a small batch of your customers, analyze their reaction, take their feedback into consideration and use it to refine your message before sending it to your entire customer base.

Timing is the key

Don’t forget about the timing of your message, as this could make a huge impact, maybe even a difference between succes and failure.

Analyze the content of your message and think what your customers will be doing at that point of the day. Will they be interested in it?


It is very important not to skip this last step. Tracking the results of a SMS marketing campaign is crucial in order to measure the results and impact of the campaign. Tracking tools can help you monitor the number of SMSes sent, the engagement rate of the SMS (also known as Click Rate) and maybe the most important one - the cumulative sales earned in this campaign.


SMS marketing is a simple and effective tool, which can in fact return some amazing results. Why not start your own SMS marketing adventure today?

If you want more info or have a few questions of how you can start using SMS for your business, don’t hesitate to reach us. The Global Voice team will be more than happy to help.

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