Global Voice is a fully-fledged nationwide network that provides its customers with the benefits of both quality and scale. Ever since Global Voice became a thing, we have been helping companies change the way they communicate with their customers. Four things make Global Voice stand out from the rest of the competition.

When it comes to quality communications, it all begins with the network layer. That being said, our network layer is built to produce crystal-clear quality calls.

We monitor our network on a regular basis to ensure that all of our customers have the best experience possible. When it comes to our customer support, we are always here to help you get rid of any network-related problems. Simply put, we pride ourselves on our constant preparedness, which means that we are always ready to help you succeed. We provide our customers with the ability to make high-quality, clear voice calls anywhere in the world.

Global Voice offers great quality voice routes for your conversational traffic provide:
- high ACD (Average Call Duration)
- high ASR (Average Success Ratio)
Ideal for wholesale operators, calling card and call shop operations, fixed and mobile operators.

Coverage: Worldwide (A to Z)

High ACD

High ASR

High quality routes

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